prejuvenation-modelThe term rejuvenation is a familiar one, referring to correcting aging changes as they occur. But what about preventing them? New technologies bring new options to address aging changes as they occur and perhaps even before. For example, the dynamic forehead lines that develop over time from muscle contraction may be delayed or prevented by early neurotoxin intervention. In our late twenties, the process of collagen degradation begins to outpace collagen regeneration. Skin care is an important step to prevent skin damage as well as mitigate the changes that occur in our skin as we age. Nonablative laser treatments can correct early changes due to sun damage and other environmental exposures.

At Atlanta Face and Body Center, we offer PreJuvenation services that you can start to minimize aging changes in your 20’s and 30’s…the more you prevent, the less there is to correct. PreJuvenation services include skin care, nonablative laser treatments, microneedling, and injectables.

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