Atlanta Face and Body Center is excited to be the FIRST plastic surgery practice in Atlanta offering this game-changing body contouring treatment.  It is the world’s first and only noninvasive body contouring system for the reduction of stubborn fat in just 25 minutes


Until now, cryolipolysis or freezing fat has been the only one time treatment for permanent fat elimination.

Speed of Light

Now there is permanent fat elimination with the speed of light with SculpSure.

  • Revolutionary light based technology specifically targets the fat cell.
    The ICE AGE is over

    Noninvasive body sculpting at the speed of light.
  • Permanently destroys 24% of fat cells in a SINGLE treatment!
  • Multiple treatment areas are possible in a SINGLE treatment!
  • Customizable delivery system to target your individual problems spots!
  • Heating the dermis 42-47 degrees has been shown to induce skin tightening.
  • Takes less than half the time of freezing fat! Over 90% patient satisfaction!
  • No downtime.  No pain.  No surgery.
“Give us 25 minutes and we’ll give you a better body.”



It’s called Smartlipo™ for a reason…and it just got smarter! Atlanta Face and Body Center has the newest technology of the Smartlipo Triplex™ that combines three laser wavelengths. Now the coagulation effects of traditional Smartlipo™ that made minimally invasive body contouring so popular are combined with newer wavelengths for even more effective skin tightening!  


Laser-assisted lipolysi2015-1215-SmartLipo3s systems disrupt fat cells and create heat stimulated collagen production as part of a body contouring procedure. Smartlipo™ is a minimally invasive procedure, resulting in less bleeding, swelling, and bruising than traditional liposuction. Patients may experience quicker healing and less recovery time. The new Smartlipo Triplex™ maximizes the potential benefits of skin tightening for  additional contouring results.


Stubborn Cellulite? Cellulaze™ is the only one-time, minimally invasive laser treatment with proven clinical data showing long lasting results up to 3 years.shutterstock_114747103

Cellulite is caused by various physiological and hormonal factors. The primary goal of the treatment is to target the core structural defects of cellulite underneath the skin to cause structural changes below the skin’s  surface. These core structural defects consist of herniated pockets of fat, fibrous septae, and thinning dermis. Unlike other treatments that treat cellulite from the outside-in and typically require 4-8 treatments, minimally invasive procedures such  as Cellulaze™ treat the structural defects that cause the appearance of cellulite, remodeling from the inside-out!

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