Facial Procedures


Every year, half a million people seek consultation for enhancement of the appearance of their nose. Some are unhappy with the nose with which they were born or the way aging has changed their nose. For others, an injury may have distorted the nose and in many, there is the additional goal of improving breathing. As the nose occupies a central position on the face, the size and shape of the nose has a great impact on an individual’s appearance.


Rhinoplashutterstock_247400014sty technique involves incisions made inside the nose, where they are invisible and usually also an incision made in the area of skin separating the nostrils. The underlying bone and cartilage can then be reduced, augmented or rearranged to create a newly shaped structure. Even a minor correction can make a difference in overall facial harmony.

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Chin Implant

A well defined chin helps give balance to the face especially one’s profile. When people look in the mirror, most focus on the size and shape of their noses without realizing a “weak chin” may contribute to the facial imbalance that they see. Changes in chin size or shape may enhance a profile as much as rhinoplasty and can also lengthen the appearance of the neck improving the results of facelift procedures. It is common for the facial plastic surgeon to recommend chin surgery in addition to nose or facelift surgery when the surgeon sees that chin augmentation is necessary to achieve facial balance and harmony.  An incision is made in the natural crease line just under the chin and the scar is usually imperceptible. This implant, made of synthetic material that feels much like natural tissue normally found in the chin, is available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. This allows custom fitting of the implant for your face.

Chin/Neck Liposuction

Chin or Submental Liposuction contours the fullness under the chin area, which can be genetic and persist even with diet and exercise. Liposuction of the chin can be performed as an isolated procedure in younger patients with good skin elasticity. More commonly, however, I combine this procedure with new advanced laser technology  to facilitate additional skin tightening for optimizing the improvement in the neck contour. To address both jowling and submental fullness, a “No Incision” SmartLipo PrecisionLift combined the advanced laser technology with liposuction to improve the contours of the jawline and neck.

Lip Augmentation

The lips can be one of the most beautiful and expressive features of the human face. Augmentation of the shape or volume of the lips can significantly enhance facial appearance. Many people are scared of lip augmentation although they desire fuller, more shapely lips. We have all seen people who have obviously had their lips overfilled.  This, however, does not have to be the case. Whether done with fillers or implants, the result can be subtle and beautiful. This is definitely one area where I believe “less can be more!”

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Earlobe Repair

Torn earlobes are a common occurance with pierced ears. Heavy earrings can stretch and elongate the hole over time until it ultimately pulls through. Repair is straightforward, but typically involves closing the hole and then repiercing at a later time once the ear has healed. All this can be performed under local anesthesia in our office, with little to no downtime.


Otoplasty, commonly referred to as ear pinning, corrects the size or placement of an individual’s ears.   The result is ears that appear more proportional to the size and shape of the head and face. The procedure is performed with an incision just behind the ear, in the natural fold where the ear is joined to the head. The cartilage will be reshaped or sutured to sculpt the desired shape. If the ears are overprojected, an appropriate amount of cartilage and skin can be removed if needed, and the ears anchored with sutures closer to the head. 

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