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Cindy Martin

Patient Care Consultant

“Life is better when we look and feel great”.

Cindy grew up in Michigan and studied at Ross Business Institute.  In 2007, Cindy moved with her family to Atlanta. Cindy loves working for Dr. Elizabeth at Atlanta Face & Body.

As a Patient Care Consultant, her responsibility is to educate the patient and help to establish what they want to achieve with their experience. “We listen to their wants and needs and inform them of what procedures are available to them, matching what they are looking to accomplish with what Atlanta Face & Body has to offer,” says Cindy.

Most patients can be somewhat fearful about the unknown, and Cindy is ready to shine light on any concerns they have about the process.

Cindy is there for the patient every step of the way. She walks them through all the steps that they will go through, from consult day, all the way to recovery and the final outcome. She proudly states, “We talk about what they can expect with pre-op and post-op steps, financial options, scheduling. We go through everything with them, from A to Z.”

“Working with Dr. Elizabeth and the rest of the staff feels like it’s a big family around here,” she reveals.  “We share the same focus day after day, and that is to help each patient have the best experience possible. The staff is dedicated to helping people feel and look their very best. And when you look and feel good about yourself, your entire outlook on life has a more positive spin.”

Cindy Martin