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Buccal Fat Reduction for Men

Buccal Fat Reduction for Men Atlanta

Look More Defined And Rugged With Buccal Fat Reduction.

Though some degree of cheek fullness (more often called “chubby” cheeks) is considered a sign of youth, it’s not usually a trait associated with men. Fullness in the cheeks can be a source of insecurity for some men, and thanks to simple genetics in many cases, no amount of weight loss can change it. But there’s a surgical procedure that can. Buccal fat reduction was developed to effectively thin the cheeks by removing the natural buccal fat pads that make the cheeks appear too prominent.

The size of the buccal fat pads varies from man to man, so that means the degree of surgery needed to produce desired results will also vary. When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker, prominence of the cheeks can be sufficiently reduced and a characteristically squarer shape created.

How does buccal fat reduction for men work?

The buccal fat pad’s natural function is to fill the deep tissue spaces in the cheek region and cushion other facial structures from constant muscle contractions. During the surgery, Dr. Elizabeth accesses the fat pads through strategic incisions she makes inside your cheeks (so any surgical scars will be internal). Once the desired amount of tissue is carefully removed, she then seals the incisions and you’re sent home to rest with detailed post-operative instructions.

At Atlanta Face & Body, buccal fat reduction may be performed either under relaxation and local anesthesia or IV sedation depending on the individual technique utilized and your comfort level. 

Am I a candidate for buccal fat reduction in Atlanta?

Buccal fat reduction can be a great option for men in generally good health who are at a stable weight but feel like their cheeks are too prominent or chubby. If this sounds like you, then this procedure may be just the ticket to help reduce fullness and produce the more rugged look you crave. Just be aware that buccal fat reduction is a highly individualized surgical procedure, so every patient’s experience may vary depending on the man’s degree of cheek fullness and unique facial anatomy.

What’s the recovery like from buccal fat reduction surgery?

We advise patients to avoid any strenuous activities for a couple of weeks following surgery. The amount of downtime needed may only be a few days up to two weeks depending on the amount of fat removed and the size of incisions needed. During the first few days after surgery, you’ll need to be on a soft or semi-liquid diet, and you will be instructed to use an antibiotic mouthwash several times a day to help prevent any infection.

What are the side effects of buccal fat reduction surgery?

Typical side effects from the procedure are temporary swelling and mild cheek discomfort, but at what degree will depend on the level of surgery needed to obtain your desired results. Most men will continue healing for several weeks as the swelling gradually goes down. Luckily, tissues inside the mouth tend to heal faster than the exterior skin, so those incisions will take less time compared to other surgical incisions. Dr. Elizabeth and her skilled team will make sure you’re well informed on all post-op instructions to ensure your recovery is as efficient and comfortable as possible.

What are the expected results from buccal fat reduction in Atlanta?

It’s important to be aware that any immediate results of buccal fat reduction will likely be obscured at first by swelling that is often a result of many surgical procedures. It may take several weeks or even months for optimal results to shine through. But your cheeks will gradually take on a new contour from the excess fat removed as swelling subsides. At which time, you should notice a change in your cheek structure and a more balanced, defined look to your face.

What’s my next step to getting buccal fat reduction for men in Atlanta?

Learn more about buccal fat reduction to see if it may be the best option to meet your aesthetic goals. We invite you to schedule a private consultation at Atlanta Face & Body by calling us at (678) 888-3223 or clicking here to book online. We’ll work with you to develop a customized treatment plan to address your cheek fullness.

Before & After: Buccal Fat Reduction

Here is a sample of Buccal Fat Reduction.

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Before & After: Buccal Fat Reduction

Here is a sample of Buccal Fat Reduction.