April 21, 2017—Elizabeth Whitaker, M.D., F.A.C.S., recently announced a newly-redesigned website to represent Atlanta Face & Body. Prospective and former patients and those who are simply wanting to learn more about the benefits of Cosmetic Surgical procedures are encouraged to visit AtlantaFaceAndBody.com and browse around the site.

“The new website is a culmination of our new branding efforts,” explains Dr. Elizabeth. “We’re wanting to be known for more than our outstanding reputation for facelifts. We do so much more now and, now, we have an online presence that matches what we do from a capability standpoint. We’re really excited about our new look.”

Atlanta Face & Body is lead by Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker, one of the most experienced facial plastic surgeons in the United States. She has performed more than 4,000 facelifts and, additionally, offers more facial and body contouring procedures. Visit their website or call (678) 888-3223 to find out more!

FDA-Approved, Virtually Pain-Free Injections with minimal to no bruising.

Non-invasive light devices and filler materials have remarkably influenced the efficacy and popularity of hand rejuvenation.

At Atlanta Face & Body, we have incorporated the newest techniques and technologies into our practice which allows us to remove skin damage and restore lost volume for our clients–essentially setting back the “hands” of time.

For more information about our hand injection techniques, please call or email us at the information below. We have been waiting to hear from you.