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10 Stunning Benefits of Getting a Lip Lift

Lip Lift Atlanta

Do you feel like your lips would look amazing with a little boost? If so, click here to learn 10 stunning benefits of getting a lip lift.

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A recent survey found that one in five American women intended to have some kind of cosmetic procedure in the near future. The survey also revealed that 85 percent of women aged 55 to 64 are unhappy about at least one body part. Contrary to what some may believe, body image issues are not confined to young women.

Thinning lips are a particularly common problem for many older women. Since full lips are associated with youth and signify sensuality, older women recognize how their thinning lips can age them and misrepresent their sexuality. While lip fillers can give you temporarily fuller lips, a lip lift is a surgical lip procedure which will permanently enhance your lips, giving you a more youthful appearance.

If you would like to give your lips a boost then read on to find out the ten amazing benefits of getting a lip lift.

  1. Get Fuller Lips

It’s no surprise to learn that Angelina Jolie’s famously voluptuous lips are often considered the most attractive in Hollywood. But, our appreciation for a full pout is not only an aesthetic issue. The deeper attraction of fuller lips lies in what they represent in terms of mating potential. A study investigating the “surgical lip procedure” found a preference for women with larger lips. This is because full lips are a visual sign of youth and sensuality, and indicate good mating potential. Whether you’re looking for a mate or not, a lip lift will make your lips fuller and give you a more youthful, sensual appearance.

  1. Make Your Mouth More Youthful

The study into the golden facial ratio found that full, average-sized lips were more attractive than thin average-sized lips. However, they were not able to conclude whether the ideal length and width ratios were more or less important than lip fullness. Fuller lips are a good indication of youth and sensuality. But it must be considered that lips do not appear aged just because of thinning. The length and width of lips also play a part in how youthful your mouth appears. Rather than just fuller tips, a lip lift improves the shape and length of your lips. With a better-shaped pout, your mouth and your overall appearance will seem more youthful.

  1. Achieve a More Prominent Lip Line

As lips become thinner they can also become less defined as the vermilion border of the upper lip starts to blend in with the skin around the mouth area. A Vermilion Lip Lift is specifically designed to address this issue. To perform this procedure, the surgeon makes an incision along the vermilion border and pulls the lip upwards. This technique strengthens the definition of the lip line and gives you a more prominent vermilion border around your upper lip.

  1. Improve Your Smile

Better-shaped lips give a more youthful appearance. Lifting the upper lip will improve your smile. By elevating the upper lip, you achieve aesthetic harmony around the mouth area and a more attractive appearance overall. With so many benefits, you’ll certainly have a lot to smile about!

  1. Show off Your Pearly Whites

A beautiful smile is about more than just your lips. If you aren’t showing your upper teeth when you smile, then a lip lift can correct this. By elevating your upper lip and aligning it perfectly with your teeth you’ll be able to show everyone your best possible smile.

  1. Reduce Smoker’s Lines

Smoker’s lines coming from the mouth can really age you, dramatically. One of the added benefits of lifting the lips is the ability to eliminate some of these lines to help erase away years around the mouth area.

  1. Lift the Corners of Your Mouth

If the corners of your mouth are turned down, you might seem as if you’re upset or frowning. The Corner Lip Lift technique can correct this issue. The procedure involves making incisions along the edge of the lip and then elevating the corners by lifting the skin either side. This technique will improve the direction and shape of your lips and make your overall appearance more attractive.

  1. Brighten Your Expression

The combined effect of these changes to your lips and mouth will help to give you a brighter, more positive expression. By tactfully altering the shape and form of your lips, a lift restores balance and proportion to the lips and results in an aesthetically pleasing mouth area. The results of a lip lift make enough of an impact for others to notice a more youthful appearance, but are subtle enough to seem natural.

  1. Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem

A European study found that 52 percent of women would like to change the shape of their lips. This desire to change their appearance was mainly motivated by inner feelings and perceptions. The women said they felt that altering their lip shape would improve their confidence and self-esteem. A lip lift will certainly give you a huge self-esteem boost! Being happier with your lips and overall appearance will help you feel more confident and self-assured.

  1. Obtain Permanent Results

Lip lifts aren’t as well-known as other procedures since many people who are unhappy with their lips tend to choose lip fillers. Injectable lip fillers can mimic some of the effects of a lift, such as a fuller pout. But, lip fillers aren’t able to alter lip length, the prominence of the lip line, or lip coloring. In addition to a limited range of benefits, lip fillers only offer a temporary improvement. In contrast, a lip lift gives you permanent results that won’t need to be topped off every few months.

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With so many amazing benefits, it’s clear why lip lifts are becoming more popular for women wanting to permanently improve their lips and mouth area.

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