Q. What is your favorite product you are currently using?

A. I love C-Esta with Vitamin C by Jan Marini!


Q.  What changes have you noticed?

A. It has cleaned up some past and current sun damage that I’ve gotten over the years.


Q.  How does your skin transition from warmer to cooler seasons?

A. The main thing I’ve noticed is my skin becomes drier the colder it gets outside.


Q. What is your Winter “Go-To” product?

A. I don’t like heavy moisture on my skin, so I use DEJ product along with eye & face smart moisture anti-aging.


Q.  What would be a favorite treatment to be ready for cooler months?

A. Definitely a Chemical Peel; I love the way it brightens and refreshes my skin. It also does a great job of leaving me with a smooth feel!