Q. What is your favorite product you are currently using?

A. Neocutis Journee Bio-Restorative Day Cream.


Q.  What changes have you seen?

A. My skin is much smoother and very well hydrated.


Q.  How does your skin transition from warmer to cooler seasons?

A. My skin gets much dryer in the winter; therefore, more frequent exfoliation is necessary, as well as a  day cream has a blend of PSP, Hyalurantic acid, powerful anti-oxidants and a sunscreen all in one – this is Journee.


Q.  What is your Winter “Go-To” product?

A. Journee – offers all-in-one container!


Q.  What would be a favorite treatment to be ready for cooler months?

A. Ultherapy® and 1540 non-ablative laser.  These two treatments combined address muscle lifting, maximum collagen rejuvenation (for elasticity), skin tightening and resurfacing to rid of fine lines.  These two treatments can be done the same day with no down time!  A great non-surgical solution to ramp up collagen and lift and tighten face and neck.