Feeling a Bit Too Cheeky?
Or, are you fit as a fiddle and ready to bare your best summer silhouette? What is your workout go-to? Top workout trends for 2019 are all over the paddle board as they report in on what America is up to in order to slim down, strengthen the core, sculpt the middle and unsuper size their shape

Wearable technology.
Fit-tech – smart watches, fitness trackers, heart monitors – is running way ahead of every trend, as it has for three straight years.  Monitoring your progress, tracking your effort and gauging your discipline has never been easier.

Group classes/training.
Solo acts can be introvert-inspiring, but extrovert-ensembles motivate and push you!  Whether in-person boot camps or in-home, on-your-own-time online class – group fitness has a mass following working on their body mass across all generations. Gives a whole new meaning to being virtually fit!

Got thirty minutes? High-Intensity Interval Training – short bursts of intense strength and cardio exertion followed by short bouts of rest – dropped in popularity a bit from 2018 but is still, well, a big hit with many, including busy professionals and overworked parents short on time.

Fitness for Older Adults.
Makes sense baby boomers’ numbers are booming in the gyms across the country. Time on their hands from retirement, social engagement and every reason in the world to seriously pursue the heath and anti-aging benefits, such as  bone density, of regular workouts.

With every variation and blend under the sun salutation – power yoga, yogalates, hot yoga, or paddleboard yoga) – still makes the top 10 list as it has since fitness trends were first kept thousands of years ago.

Body Weight Training.
No equipment? No problem. Use your own body’s resistance to strengthen, tone, and get your heart rate in the zone. Push-ups and planks and lots of squats for the glutes because #glutealamnesia is real but reversible. Bottom line, the glutes forget how to activate from too much sitting.

And there’s, of course, many, many, many more to choose from, including every kind of outdoor activity from paddling to rock climbing to mud runs. But ….

Shape up!

… what if all your hard work, sweat and paleo plate choices haven’t gotten you the results you want? Fat can be more stubborn to leave than a toddler who simply will not get in the car seat.

Double board-certified Dr. Elizabeth Whitaker, from Atlanta Face & Body has game-changing options for sculpting those troublesome areas that you cannot impact with exercise and diet.

Perhaps you are a candidate for Liposculpture that uses the latest in laser technology to both dissolve fat and tighten skin.  A laser fiber dissolves fat in the treatment area which is then removed to create a more sculpted appearance. Schedule a free consultation to find out more. You could explore SmartLipo™ Triplex Body Contouring – the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. Like traditional liposuction, Smartlipo effectively removes fat cells. The cells are liquefied, which enables Dr. Elizabeth to more efficiently and less traumatically remove the fat cells. One of the most popular body contouring procedures? SculpSure® the latest advance in noninvasive body contouring targets individual problem areas. Early results seen as quickly as 6 weeks. One 25-minute treatment, no surgery, no suction, no freezing, no painful massage, no downtime.  Check out Before and Afters. You might find a Brazilian Butt Lift is right for you (removes fatty tissue from other areas of the body and injects it into the upper curvature of the buttock to raise the lower portion of the buttocks upwards to create a smoother, rounder, more youthful and voluptuous contour).  Learn more about these and other Beautifully You body products and procedures at Atlanta Face and Body. Call (678) 888-3223 or go online to schedule a FREE consultation.  Our staff can help you evaluate which treatment is right for you.